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The long distance Reivers Cycle Routes are a brace of signed / waymarked bi-directional ‘coast to coast’ cycle routes between Tynemouth on the North Sea and Maryport on the Irish Sea. 

The original Reivers Cycle Route which Ted created in 1998 with alternating on-road and off-road sections soon morphed into a one-size-fits-all-bikes route which never worked well. Almost 20 years later, Ted devised the twin intertwining routes approach for long distance cycle routes – one version which is as much off-road as possible suitable for gravel and cross bikes, hybrids and mountain bikes and a version designed for capable road cyclists which is 100% on tarmac. Both versions are suitable for the right type of ebike. 

On a voluntary basis Ted has been tasked by Northumberland Cycle Tourism Group and on route partners and stakeholders to regenerate and re-launch Reivers Cycle Routes in this format in late Spring 2019 with a new map and off-road waymarking style. The original road route will continue to be signed with standard blue signs.

Map of the Reivers Cycle Routes.

The routes are bi-directional and whilst the route map will show the alignments in a westbound direction, both directions continuously reward the rider with fine views of the constantly changing terrain, many places of interest to pass by or call in, lovely villages and quiet hamlets to cycle through or stay the night in and most importantly, an adequate supply of excellent refreshments stops. 

The off-road route will be waymarked with mulberry coloured waymarks and the on-road route will be signed using standard blue coloured cycle route signs. The route logo is a bright lime green detailing two crossed swords being the weapon most favoured by Reiver clans.

Signage for the Reivers Cycle Routes.

Reivers Off-road Adventure Route (ROAR)

The Reivers Off-road Adventure Route is a new style of waymarked long distance cycle route which requires a greater level of self-sufficiency than traditional road-based cycle routes. ROAR is a ‘coast to coast’ journey as off-road as possible encompassing an incredible variety of landscapes in a truly imaginative way by utilising miles of wonderful off-road tracks of real quality. 

The Reivers On-road Challenge Cycle Route will provide an opportunity for road cyclists to safely and enjoyably cycle a scenic ‘coast to coast’ route which is 100% on-road passing through remote locations. This route version will start / end at Ponteland although Tynemouth will remain an optional start / end with information that this section is a mix of gravel and hard top. 

En route it is possible to:

  • experience iconic landmarks beginning / ending at Tynemouth with its many historic connections, sandy cove, twin piers, castle and priory;
  • ride through hidden parts of Northumberland rich with heritage;
  • traverse Scandinavian-like Kielder Water and Forest Park; cross the line of Hadrian’s Wall;
  • ride past Carlisle castle;
  • take in little known corners of Northumberland National Park and enjoy the northern edge of the Lake District National Park arriving at, or departing from, West Cumbria’s World Heritage Site coastline. 

The Reivers Adventure Cycle Routes will appeal to a variety of touring cyclists looking for an achievable challenge and an opportunity to safely ride a ‘coast to coast’ route which is either as much off-road as possible or is entirely on-road. 

Undoubtedly both route options truly are challenging journeys of discovery comprising many miles that are ‘off the beaten track’ just waiting to be explored. You must plan to experience your preferred route type across Northern England via the Scottish Borders in 2019. 

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