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Borderlands 300 Cycle Route

The route map for the Borderlands 300 Route.

The Borderlands 300 Cycle Route between Newcastle upon Tyne, the Border city of Carlisle, the border town of Berwick upon Tweed and Tynemouth - with two smaller loop options.

The proposal is to implement the Borderlands 300 Cycle Route to attract a similar level of visitors as Scotland’s very successful North Coast 500.  The Borderlands 300 Cycle Route is a triangle formed by classic sections of two existing cycle routes – Hadrian’s Cycleway and the Coast & Castles Cycle Route and the proposed Borderlands Cycle Route between Carlisle and Berwick upon Tweed the main part of which passes through the Scottish Borders. There are two smaller optional loops at the north end as shown on the map drawing one of which is a signed loop which passes through Kelso and the other loop links into Wooler. When amalgamated, these two smaller loops provide an excellent cross border circuit in its own right.

By joining up and promoting three cycle routes into one loop, some 300 miles of iconic cycling will be created. The triangular concept is a relatively easy win in terms of delivery cost, delivery time and its unique attraction.   The scenery mix is amazing and the countryside it passes through in the Scottish Borders is remote and greatly in need of visitors and their spending power.   

The Borderlands 300 Cycle Route would be signed as part of the three named cycle routes and will provide a leisurely cycle tour linking villages, refreshment opportunities and a range of overnight accommodations. The journey has countless stories to tell and is bursting with opportunities to build on a range of themes including heritage, land types and use, changing terrain, topography, buildings, social amenities, language and dialect, culture and customs.

Sign posts that you will encounter whilst travelling the Borderlands 300 Cycle Route.

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